Cautha is a flexible company that operates worldwide in the renewable energy industry, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions customized for its Clients and their day-to-day needs.
Since its establishment, Cautha has defined its role on the energy market by implementing proper management principles for the development of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M (Operation&Maintenance) activities.
In a very short time Cautha had successfully developed its presence in Europe as well as in America ( North, Central and South ) and Asia by taking part in the construction of several photovoltaic projects for which is still currently offering maintenance and asset management assistance likewise.

``In our world people don't just let things happen. They make them happen.``

From the very beginning, Cautha has established a strong set of core values.
These core values derive from the confidence which Cautha has mindfully invested not only in its employees, but also in its associates and customers.

The most important values promoted both within and outside the company are:
1. Leadership: “In our world people don’t just let things happen. They make them happen;
2. Sustainable growth: Creating long-lasting value not only economically and financially speaking, but also from a social and sustainability point of view;
3. Best in class performance: The highest current performance level on the market, used as a benchmark to be equaled or exceeded;
4. Competition: Knowing how to accept challenges and overcome them with constant passion and commitment;
5. Results oriented: Always focused on the win-win solutions able to create long term relationships with our Partners.

Our mission is to provide to our Customers innovative and sustainable solutions by implementing renewable projects worldwide.
In this way we contribute not only to the development of the renewable energy industry, but we also participate in protecting the environment by adopting an attitude completely eco-friendly.

The whole vision of the company is concentrated in the motto and also the key to the vault “Powering the Future”.
Regardless of the client and the size of the project, Cautha is using all its resources to achieve the ultimate goal: to build the foundations of a future that serves not only for the energy system, for the planet that hosts us but, mainly, for the generations to come.

The significant experience of its professionals has propelled the company’s activity beyond the continent hosting its headquarters (London – United Kindgom) and its only European branch (Bucharest – Romania).

In a short period of time for a recently established company, Cautha has managed to reinforce its presence on the world  green energy map by opening more operational branches in countries like: USA (New York and Miami), Ecuador (Quito), Mexic (Mexico), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Panama ( Panama City) and Turkey (Ankara) .