Cautha is not only an EPC, but a fully integrated partner in developing, designing, building and operating renewables power plants.

Thanks to the expertise acquired in the past years, Cautha provised turnkey solutions for commercial and industrial rooftop, carport and grounded installations worldwide.

“Knowing how to accept challenges and overcome them with constant passion and comminent.”

Cautha offers turnkey EPC services (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), starting from feasibility studies up to the commissioning of the renewable power plant guaranteeing to its clients solutions either for small systems as well as for large power plants in the MW range.


Cautha always ensures a high profile technical expertise for each project in which it is involved. Each client receives a customized solution by carefully optimizing his investment / production ratio.


All the procurement process runs in parallel with the design stage. Cautha installs very high quality equipments, thus ensuring that the whole process, from the order placement to the installation, is monitored, guaranteed in line with the customer’s requirements.


The construction of a PV plant is often considered the most critical part for an EPC company. Cautha follows the best practices on the market throughout all the process by monitoring the progress of the works on a daily basis. Meet the deadline is our philosophy.

Keeping the performances at a level of excellence comes mainly from a correct and continuous OM activity. Cautha offers a monitoring service on a 24/7 basis by programming the cycles of the periodic activities according to a previous and already tested schedule and by implementing all preventive measures.

Cautha handles all the technical and administrative aspects of the plant including the verification of contractual obligations on the beneficiary’s behalf. Our global team of experts offers all the expertise and technical knowledge necessary for maximizing the energy production, minimizing the downtime and reducing the operational costs.
We will take care of you as we do for ourselves.